Is Your 2021 Game Plan Ready?

Special Power of Culture ZOOM Event #1


In the graphics above, the first person “went it alone” with their annual plan. The second person engaged with John M. Ruh and Associates. The difference? Graph 2 was built on their unique culture with a 365 Wheel of Continuous Improvement in place

  • What: 2021 Game Plan – you can’t win without a Game Plan.
  • For: Growth oriented business leaders
  • When: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 10:00-11:15am CST. 15 minutes after for networking and Q&A.
  • Format: Facilitated group discussion format.
  • Educational component: Case Study. Cyrus Rivetna of Rivetna Architects will be featured and interviewed to discuss what he did, why and its impact on his business..
  • Host: Ray Silverstein. More info on Ray
  • Facilitator: John Ruh
  • RSVP: RSVP to John Ruh to receive a link to the Zoom event. Email or call John at 773-641-9631. Group size limited to 12.
  • Cost: Be our guest!
  • Questions: Email or call John Ruh at 773-641-9631