Introducing the DISC Rewards Program

Get Free Access to a Tool that Can Change Your Business!

It’s Simple and No Cost/No Obligation!

Upon registration for DISC Rewards, you receive these 3 complimentary benefits:

  1. A no-charge DISC profile for you to understand your own natural behavioral style and how others perceive you (one per company) along with a 15 minute one-on-one coaching session to better use this knowledge!
  2. A easy-to-use chart compiling all DISC profiles for your team, enabling better communication and collaboration!
  3. A complimentary DISC profile ($80 value) for every 10 profiles purchased, along with first access to special offers on our exclusive 8 DISC applications.

Access to 8 DISC Applications:

  • DISC Rewards ProgramDISC Identification
  • DISC and Sales or Customer Service
  • Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style
  • DISC and Culture
  • DISC and Stress
  • DISC and Listening
  • DISC and Interviewing
  • DISC and Change or Continuous Improvement

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