John Ruh  Professional Development

GiftsEveryone has Gifts and Talents
Do you know what your gifts and talents are?

Have you acknowledged them?
Do you know how to properly utilize and maximize your skills?
Do you know how to augment your weaknesses?

  • You have a unique set of gifts and talents!
    Yet many people have heads that are filled with nots! (I am not you fill in the blank).
    Or they ruminate on the “ERs” of life (I need to be “smartER”, “richER”, etc.).
  • How can you change your internal messages and stop sabotaging your own success?
    More importantly, how can you start accepting yourself (both strong and weak areas) and learn to utilize or augment them as needed?
  • We all have gifts and a uniqueness which, when acknowledged and utilized, can give you both material success and a great sense of personal satisfaction. Ultimately, they can give a special gift called peace of mind which, from my perspective, is priceless.

“No one is ever hired for their weaknesses.”
John Ruh

P.S. Read my story. It will give you hope (

P.P.S. A gift for you from us…one free management behavioral profile to help you identify and use your true gifts.