Matt E.

Matt E., CPLP
Your people need more Imagination, Joy, and Success at work. I can help.

Matt E. - DISC TrainerWho I Am
Speaker, Facilitator, and Learning Consultant specializing in Applied Improvisation for Soft Skills Development.

What I Do
Help people better use their innate human capacities at work: creativity, empathy, communication, persuasion, and collaboration.

How I Add Value

  • Consultative approach to Analysis, Design, and Evaluation to make sure the desired performance outcome is agreed upon, the chosen solution will make the difference, and the feedback loop and next steps are clear.
  • Delivering lively, interactive programs to audiences of any size, using empathy, showmanship, and humor
  • Extending the impact of training with optional performance support, pre- / post- communications, manager coaching, etc.

Areas of Expertise

  • DISC: Coaching individuals and training teams on the DISC Behavioral Assessment and its relevance to workplace interactions.
  • Instructional Design and Training Delivery: Wide range of programming options developing soft skills for roles such as sales, customer service, consulting, management, leadership, etc.
  • Speechwriting / Presentation Coaching: Helping leaders move their organizations to action through powerful communications; special experience preparing executives for annual sales meeting keynotes, panels, etc.
  • Consulting: Applying ATD Human Performance Improvement model to determine underlying needs, identify solutions beyond training, and properly sequence multiple interventions.
  • Creative Direction, Hosting, and Event Talent: Making annual meetings, conferences, and other programs memorable and meaningful by seamlessly incorporating creative and theatrical elements.
  • Teambuilding: Designing and delivering live experiences that bond groups together, encourage frankness and empathy, and improve mutual respect and collaboration.

While some “off-the-shelf” programs are available, Matt specializes in creating bespoke solutions in collaboration with his clients. Contact John M. Ruh and Associates to arrange a half-hour complimentary discovery consultation with Matt to discuss the issues and opportunities currently facing your organization: 773-641-9631 or e-mail