DISC Lottery Game

Designed for Your Company

The DISC Lottery is a fun and educational internal company “lottery game” that can build morale and teamwork with onsite or virtual teams. We use real company/client scenarios to train people on how to identify DISC behavior profiles. It can help one manage his/her stress level by understanding and accepting oneself and others. It can also improve communication and support everyone at becoming productive, sensitive team members.

Why Bother?

  • It can minimize employees complaining about customers and coworkers and start the process of changing one’s approach toward understanding other behavior styles.
  • It’s a non-threatening and FUN way to get participation. Everyone can win prizes.
  • It works!

How It Works

  • We send DISC profiles to participating team members.
  • We then create customized lottery questions with prizes for winners (and let everyone win.)
  • We do a group session with the team to discuss DISC and how to use it to:
    • Understand oneself and others better
    • Communicate to styles one doesn’t understand well in a way that works.
    • Reduce one’s stress by seeing how their profile reacts to stressful people and situations

Call / email John Ruh at 773-641-9631 or john@johnruh.com for information or email call Darlene at 773-775-6636 for your one free company profile.

Sample DISC Question

Answer this DISC question correctly and earn 1 DISC reward point towards a FREE profile:

  • I went to New York Manhattan restaurant for breakfast and just as I sat down the waitress came up and said ” What do Ya Want” in not so nice a manner BEFORE saying good morning or offering me a menu. What was her style? D, I, S or C?
  • (Email darlene@johnruh.com with response to receive your reward point)

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