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A practical, proven way to put your annual game plan into a written format that can easily be seen and understood by all employees and key outside vendors.


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3 Points

When I was 19, I became intrigued with the concept of success. Why did some people rise and some fail? When there were two businesses that seemed nearly identical, why did one constantly outperform the other? Over many years of hands on research, having interviewed many very successful people, studying leadership and the nature of one’s ego I’ve written many pieces on leadership, culture, vision and ego. One thing is clear from all my studies, if you want to be successful you must develop your vision and YOU MUST be the leader of your own life!

Point 1 – What Do You Really Want?

This is the core question that needs to be answered before any “Vision” work is started. It demands an honest assessment of your deepest motivations. Simply saying, “To be rich and happy” is not enough. One of the first articles I wrote when I began studying success is “Vision, Morale and Productivity,”

Point 2 – Do You Truly Want to Support Your Vision? Are You Ready?

Taking complete ownership and responsibility for your life with zero excuses is a very hard task. But in order to be your vision, this is the only way it works. From my perspective, any other approach will not produce the success or results you deserve. Ownership of developing your vision is the best way to eliminate frustration and self-disappointment.

Point 3 – Vision is Magic

This is the sequential third point, but I put it first because of its power.Have you ever noticed that people who are motivated by vision have extraordinary enthusiasm for work and life? When a person’s vision is alive, focus and morale are high, productivity begets productivity and positive results follow. Developing your vision is essential and it’s a nice way to live. It has a magical feel to it.

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    Setting up a Business Game Plan