Organizational Climate Review / Employee Surveys

What makes up Organizational Climate Review and Employee Surveys?

An integral part of the Wheel Planning Process keeps everyone aligned. Effective, systematic reviews to measure results include:

  • An annual online survey gives all employees a voice.
  • A scorecard keeps everyone aware of how the company is doing at all times.
  • A financial review assesses cost-to-value.

Our Consulting service can provide your business with effective ways to measure the culture and can assist with conducting Employee Surveys.


Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Why should I take up everyone’s time in my company with a survey? I think I know what is best for my business.
      Because it will provide you and your leadership team with an idea of how the employees perceive the company’s performance and ideas on where changes may be needed or perhaps new goals and objectives to improve the company’s bottom line.


  • How do I know people are providing “real” suggestions and not just trying to keep me happy by agreeing with our current plan?
    Most of the companies participating in the surveys want the employee’s answers to be anonymous so they receive truthful and meaningful responses. Plus since the survey is being conducted by an outside consultant people feel freer to provide candid opinions/suggestions.



  • How long is the survey? I don’t want people taking too much time out of their workday.
    We suggest keeping the survey to less than 10 questions so people can complete the process in 5-10 minutes. We recommend using open ended questions to get a person’s true feelings, and/or we can work with you to design questions specific to any issues you may currently be having.



  • Who should participate in the survey?
    We suggest all employees get involved. You may be surprised to hear some pretty creative suggestions from people in all levels of the company structure. At a minimum your leadership team and their direct reports should participate.



  • I like the idea that the survey is anonymous, but what if I am trying to determine if I need to make changes in a specific department? Can we do something about that?
    Yes. We can drill down the responses further by asking people to identify what department they work in, how long they have worked for the company, etc. We recommend that if there are only one or two people in a department that we group their answers with another department(s) so we can’t single out who the respondents are.



  • What does something like this cost?
    Our basic survey which is approximately 10 questions, sent to up to 50 people starts at $500. They typical cost is between $500-$1000 depending on the complexity of the survey and the number of respondents.



  • What do I get for that price?
    You get:

    1. The survey designed and distributed.
    2. A detailed summary of the responses.
    3. You will also receive a summary of suggestions and/or recommendations from the consultant reviewing the responses.



  • What happens after that?
    We work with you to develop next year’s game plan using information we receive from the survey responses and suggestions from your leadership team. We then work with you to help implement it companywide.



  • How do I sign up?
    Contact John Ruh at (773) 775-6636 with any questions you have, or click here for the Contact Us page.


John Ruh is a results driven individual. John’s specialty is Vision, Leadership, Goals, Personnel and DiSC. If you want your business to achieve the results you want, John is the person to get you there. His Ruh Advanced Leadership Program will get you from where you are to where you want to get.

Ray S, Founder of President’s group

John is a great person. He has a large span of knowledge and lots of personal experience. High energy – want to earn his fee and wants to deliver. He has a network of resources he can bring to bear on issues. We have relied heavily on the tools John Brought to the table, especially those involve the “intangibles” of culture. When I have a people issue, I call John.

Joe I, serial entrepreneur/investor

A mutual friend connected me with John. That was a couple of years back. John provides uncompromising, thought-stimulating, ruthlessly honest insight and advice. His laser-like focus on making me keep my personal laser focused on my mission, vision and values has been priceless. I provide this reference for John. Call me anytime, and I will bend your ear for as long as you would like on the impact John has made on me personally and professionally.

Mike H – VP of business development/entrepreneur

John Ruh is smart and insightful. He listens and understands the values that drive our business and the unique individuals whom we need to be successful as an organization. He helps me articulate my personal vision and support myself in that endeavor. I like to use John as ‘my personal coach.’ He forces you to look at your 60- to 90-day needs and take action.

Don F. – Plant Manager

John helps me get things done while relating all activities back to our values and vision. With his guidance and expertise, we have moved from a firm of individuals without direction to a more unified group moving together toward our declared vision. His aggressive style and pace have kept us moving in the right direction.

Kevin H – Owner/COO of a national firm

For about 10 years, I have been familiar with John’s work as a serial entrepreneur and a business coach. John is a fanatic about providing business owners and executives with the tools and support they truly need. John’s passion for helping others achieve success spurs him to fantastic results at the companies he serves. Don’t use John unless you’re ready to get a gutsy, honest appraisal of where your blind spots are. But, do use him. Your PNL and your people will thank you.

Matt E., CPLP

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