Half of Crazy 2020 is Over. Now What?

 John Ruh  Chicago Business Consultant

Speaking Leader to Leader

The 1st Half of 2020 Didn’t Go As Planned For Anyone…
What Needs to Happen Now in Q3?

CalendarThe 1st half of 2020 has been one of the most tumultuous in history. No one knows exactly what to expect for the rest of the year. However, we can and must take action regardless if we want to move forward successfully.

What We Must Do as Leaders–Three Keys:

  1. STOP and honestly and candidly assess where we are now–the good (yes, there is good), the bad, the ugly.
  2. Use this assessment to formulate a 90 day plan for Q3–what can we act on, what must we execute?
  3. Communicate this plan–the what, the why, the when–to all stakeholders. And then prepare to communicate it again!

How Can We Help Make Q3 Better?

We’re experienced in techniques to stop, assess properly and thoroughly, and communicate effectively. We can ensure you’ve got the right People, Structure and Tools to succeed in Q3!

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