DISC Package Options

Package A

  • $75/profile includes:
    • Profile
    • A basic 20 page detailed explanation of the results
    • 15-minute phone conversation with a specialist (if desired).

Package B Includes Package A Plus:
5 profiles (paid in advance):

  • 5% discount/profile
  • Your department/company DISC results charted (Graph I, Adapted Style, Graph II, Natural Style). You will also receive an explanation of how to communicate what you need to convey to enroll/empower your staff.
  • Optional visit by one of our DISC experts (at no charge) to discuss your profile and/or your group’s profiles

Package C Includes Packages A and B Plus:

  • 33% discount/profile
  • Our 12 application package. Choose 3 applications each quarter and we will focus on showing you how to improve your employee’s skills in these areas.

Package C is for serious, growth oriented leaders who want to build an empowering culture where all company communications move from good to great.