8 DISC Applications

We came up with 8 DISC Applications on how to use the Internationally trusted DISC Behavioral tool (published in 30 languages).

Introductory offer: One free DISC profile on yourself and someone you find “difficult” to work with and recommendations on how to improve communication challenges with them.


Challenges It Solves

Key Benefits

DISC Identification

  • Learning how to identify different styles and adapt your approach to increase your communication effectiveness
  • How to communicate with difficult people
  • Choosing language to properly support/empower people
  • Understanding your natural communication style and its impact on others
  • Learning two questions to ask yourself and 4 step model to follow over time can change your relationships
  • Adapting to people in differing situations to improve relationships and outcomes
DISC and Sales and/or DISC and Customer Service.

  • How to understand your customer’s DISC buying styles and how to adapt your DISC style to meet your customer’s needs.
  • How to effectively convince/persuade the various DISC styles
  • Communicating and selling in your preferred vs the clients preferred style
  • Stress created by not understanding and accepting all styles/cultures
  • Learn how to use the situationally appropriate language and approach to closes to decrease tension and increase closes and customer satisfaction
Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style

  • For new and existing managers to learn what leadership is all about and it touches on how all leaders must learn to bench their ego
  • Understanding how others really see your natural leadership style
  • Know how to support/empower all behavior styles
  • How to build teamwork using people’s individual strengths
  • Move from being a manager to a leader who truly supports and empowers people. Learning proven words to use to increase your leadership effectiveness
DISC & Culture and/or DISC and Global Stats

  • Common DISC profiles in various global regions; how regional cultures are impacted by DISC
  • Improved understanding and sensitivity to global cultural differences
  • Culture-appropriate communications
  • Enhanced effectiveness of global teams; efficient communication
  • Improved sales impact for global marketing organizations
DISC and Stress

  • How a person’s natural DISC style is a map for stress triggers and improved understanding of DISC can defuse stressful situations
  • Providing better personal understanding of the situations and people that create stress and how your reactions to them actually increase your stress level
  • Your stress can drop like a rock when you recognize stress patterns and triggers and take responsibility for creating it
DISC and Listening

  • How to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each profiles listening style.
  • Not understanding how each style listens
  • Speaking to them in a way that does not work
  • Giving instructions incorrectly
  • Missed messages
  • You will stop expecting people to listen in a way they are not capable of. And you will stop labeling people good or bad listeners
  • Prepare messages and written communication that fits their style
DISC and Interviewing

  • Using DISC to anticipate fit within teams and what non-verbal messages are being communicated
  • Not having a proven process to use to interview
  • Not understanding behavioral strengths and weaknesses or what naturally people well
  • A 5-step proven interviewing model and how to see “hard wired traits” and decide if that fits what you need
  • Improved success in hiring
DISC and Change or DISC and Continuous Improvement

  • How different personal styles react to change situations and how to make change work for your organization
  • Facilitating effective change and improvement programs by communicating effective directives based upon various styles’ propensity to receive these programs
  • A proven way to implement change based on your DISC population
  • Less confusion, resistance and dissatisfaction with needed change initiatives; more effective improvement outcomes
Working with Difficult People Workshop

  • Can be with improv actors to make it Entertaining and Educational!
  • Clearly seeing who pushes your buttons and what you can do about it
  • Stop blaming and start changing your approach
  • A highly fun interactive workshop with or without “improv” actors
DISC Lottery Game

  • A fun internal company “lottery game” that uses real company/client scenarios to train people on how to identify DISC profiles
  • Can decrease the complaining about customers and coworkers and start the process of one changing his/her approach
  • Non-threatening way to get participation
  • Safe fun way to encourage all people to participate and win prizes (can be small fun things)
  • It works